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Corporate Name Searches, from $ 25
Incorporations from                $ 175
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Protect & Manage your Business
Secure your corporate, brand, product, or service name as a registered Trademark and a Domain name. File changes to update Directors & Shareholders and file the Corporate Annual return.
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Build your web site today in only 10 minutes with our Instant WebBuilder. Expand your business to process payments online. Virtual payment processor P.O.S. terminal transacts face-to-face, phone, and ecommerce sales.
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March 31, 2011: New Alberta Government Disbursements are in effect

View the full Government Disbursement list.

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For over 25 years, Arvic has been providing trusted Corporate paralegal services to lawyers, accountants, small businesspeople, and entrepreneurs throughout Canada.

Our professional Paralegal team is dedicated to helping make your dream of starting your small business quickly, easily...and properly.

Discover for yourself the convenience of ordering your Incorporation online, receiving electronic confirmations, and having your Printed Documents and Incorporation kits sent directly to you. You may be submitting your order online, but our experienced paralegals will personally ensure that what you have ordered is what you will need and meets all the Rules and Regulations.

For Law Firms and Accounting Firms, having Arvic be your Corporate Paralegal department is a guaranteed way to provide excellent corporate services to your clients from a trusted supplier. Our current legal and accounting clients see how adding Corporate services to their service offerings can not only increase revenues, but also provide client loyalty and satisfaction.


We have additional service departments offering Trademark registration (, Domain name registration (, Web Design & hosting (, and Credit Card payment processor services ( 


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